Investment loans under the program of targeted business financing from the Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund

On May 25, 2016, an Agreement was signed between OJSC Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN and the Russian-Kyrgyz Development Fund on the provision of a credit line for financing small and medium-sized businesses.


Purpose of loan                             Acquisition, renovation, expansion and modernization of fixed assets, in the following sectors:

Agro-industrial complex, garment and textile industry, manufacturing industry, mining and metallurgical industry, transport, medical services, infrastructure development (including tourism infrastructure), other long-term investment in production orientation.
Currency Kyrgyz som, USD
Interest rate 9% per annum in soms, 5% per annum in US dollars

Effective interest rate of som: 9,5%, USD / EUR: 5,2%


Credit term Up to 60 months
Grace period 9 months (can be considered up to 12 months)
Amount of credit From 100 000 to 1 000 000 US dollars (equivalent in soms KR)
Commission Not charged
Customer's own participation
At least 15% of the total cost of the project.

At the same time, as such co-financing, the contribution of the SME subject to the project should necessarily come forward.

As a contribution to the project can be: cash and non-cash funds; Financial resources invested in the capital expenditures of the project from the moment of submitting the application to the Bank or before submitting the application to the Bank, but provided that it is not economically sensible to finance the part of the project financed by the Bank at the expense of the Credit;
Target group   The subjects of small and medium business (SMEs) registered and operating for at least 24 months (for joint Kyrgyz-Russian 12 months) in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. Wherein:

The volume of the gross revenue of the SME entity for the previous year should not exceed 200 million soms;

Average number of employees is not more than 250 people;

The share of the state, public and religious organizations (associations), charitable and other foundations in the authorized capital of the SME entity should not exceed 5 percent;

Share in the authorized capital of SMEs belonging to one or several legal entities that are not SMEs should not exceed 50 percent;

The SME to whom the loan is issued should not be an insider or an affiliate of the Bank and / or the Fund;

In respect of the borrower, as well as its participants - legal entities, whose share in the authorized capital of the borrower is more than 51%, there should be no bankruptcy proceedings.
Refinancing component   In exceptional cases, part of the loan can be directed to refinancing.


The share of refinancing should not exceed 30% of the loan amount;

The refinanced loan was used for investment purposes and is related to the project being implemented;

The targeted use of the refinanced loan must be confirmed by the relevant transaction documents (account statements, contracts, invoices, invoices, CCD, invoices, acts, payment documents, etc.);

The period of use of the refinanced loan must be at least 6 months at the time of consideration of the application;

Absence of overdue payments on the principal amount and interest payments on the refinanced loan;

Lack of restructuring of the refinanced loan.

Partner companies to prepare business plans for the Bank's customers



In order to accelerate the processing of loan applications for small and medium-sized businesses under the RKFR program, OJSC Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN has concluded cooperation agreements with the following companies to prepare business plans for the Bank's customers:

1. The Center for Independent Evaluation and Analysis "Business Expert". Address: Bishkek, Chui Avenue, 164 A, phone: 0312 89-33-76, 0312 31-16-86, 0555 06-06-44, e-mail:


2. Evaluation Center, ZAO Holding Company "Slavic East". Address: Bishkek city, Manas str. 40, phone: +996 (312) 90-06-52, 90-06-51, 31-15-97, e-mail: Mail:


3. International research and consulting company, LLC "M-Vector". Address: Bishkek, ul. Isa Akhunbaeva 42a, phone: +996 (312) 97-92-93, 97-92-94, +996 (555) 77-31-84, +996 (770) 06-06-08

Address: Osh, ul. Kurmanzhan Datki 280, room 12, phone / fax: +996 (3222) 2-53-90


4. LLC The law firm "Marco Aegis". Address: Bishkek, ul. Kiev, 95a, phone: +996 (312) 66-78-17, 66-19-69, +996 (779) 20-68-88, +996 (559) 20-68-88, e-mail: marcoegida @


5. LLC "Virtus Consult". Address: Bishkek, ul. Isanov, 18, phone: +996 (312) 90-10-06, +996 (772) 55-55-95, e-mail:


6. LLC Financial and consulting company "ATO-Finance". Address: Bishkek, ul. Moscow, 163/6 / Tel: +996 (555) 90-07-80, +996 (557) 90-01-19, E-mail:


Subjects of SMEs are free to choose the above-mentioned companies for further cooperation.




* Dear customers, if you encounter illegal actions or unreasonable requests from the Bank's employees when reviewing applications or issuing loans, we ask you to report such cases to the Bank's Contact Center at 0 312 61-33-33 or WhatsApp +996 770 33-33-69.

All such cases will be considered personally by the Bank's management.