About the Bank

 "Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN" OJSC dates back to January 1, 1988 as Kirkontory Zhilsotsbank USSR, on the basis of which 6 November 1990 the Bank was created, registered in the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic as the Bank "Kyrgyzstan". In 2005, the Bank was transformed into JSC "Bank of Kyrgyzstan", and from November 20, 2006 The Bank is current name of " Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN" OJSC, which operates on the basis of a license to carry out banking operations of National Bank number 014.

The Bank also holds the license for the right to conduct operations with precious metals.

To date, in all regions of Kyrgyzstan has more than 100 offices and more than 187 ATMs and 900 terminal servicing payment cards "Visa", "Zolotaya Korona", 8 systems of international money transfers with access to it almost in every country in the world.

 OJSC "Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN" is Principal member of the payment system Visa International, allowing it to produce and maintain their own Visa cards with their own design and logo. Bank issues cards the payment system in Russia - "Zolotaya Korona", which provides the full range of services in the field of cash and non-cash payments.The Bank also carries out issuing and acquiring international card "MasterCard" and a local map "Elcart".

One of our priorities is to ensure maximum comfort and quality service to every customer in every region of our country, and if necessary outside of Kyrgyzstan.

An important asset of the Bank is the modern team of professionals who are developing corporate governance principles and to introduce new banking technologies, IT-development, promptly and adequately respond to rapidly changing market conditions.

 To date, the bank has a developed infrastructure and is a multi-credit institution provides credit and settlement services to more than 20 000 businesses, organizations and commercial structures located in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.