Social responsibility is an indicator of developed corporate structure of any organization and for "Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN" OJSC it is an essential part of the social position.

Realizing the importance of this activity, "Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN" OJSC in 2013 begins to implement its social initiatives on an ongoing basis.

One of the priorities of the Bank within the framework of corporate social responsibility is the support of vulnerable sections of society, which are orphanages, boarding schools, war veterans and pensioners.

Bank’s charity events is not only part of social policy, but also a personal initiative of employees who are always happy to work together to help.

Sources of funding:

All charity events of "Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN" are financed from its own funds, as well as personal donations of both tangible and intangible assets of employees.


"Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN" took on the provision of 40 doctors working in the "red zone" July 9, 2020 

The National Hospital of the Kyrgyz Republic has opened 3 departments that provide treatment for patients with COVID-19 and community-acquired pneumonia. Shifts of doctors work for 14 days in the "red zone", after which they go into self-isolation. But during their 14-day shift, doctors cannot come to their homes after a working day so as not to put their loved ones at risk of infection. 

In this regard, the "Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN" was responsible for providing accommodation and meals for 40 doctors at the hotel, so that after a hard day they could rest without worrying about the life of their relatives.

! We call on everyone to help the doctors with their serious attitude to this insidious disease, observe all necessary precautions, do not visit crowded places without urgent need, wear masks!

Take care of yourself and your loved ones!


Employees of OJSC "Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN" help in the fight against coronavirus infection

The Kara-Kul branch bought 2 ventilators for donation to a local hospital.



Charity auction at the presentation of the Visa Infinite premium card from KYRGYZSTAN Bank! 20.09.2019 

On September 20, 2019, a presentation of the Visa Infinite premium card from Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN took place, within the framework of which a charity auction was organized to help children with cancer. 

The Visa Infinite bank card itself opens up to its holders a lot of advantages from the most privileged service around the world, to a% return on purchases. It was this premium card that became the main lot of the charity auction. The guests of the evening were offered to purchase the very first Visa Infinite card with a unique number and even more enhanced privileges. 

By all the rules of the auction, the bid wins, which no one will beat. However, the participants competed not so much for the sake of winning, as out of a desire to support the wards of the Public Fund "Helping Easily". As a result of the auction, the final rate was 67,000 soms. However, the winner of the auction rounded up the amount to 100 thousand, and "Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN" doubled the amount on its own behalf. Thus, a check for 200 thousand soms was easily handed over to the representative of the Donate Foundation.

We really wanted the presentation of the Visa Infinite bank card to become not only an occasion to gather all the regular customers of our Bank, but also to show by our own example that helping is really easy!



Charitable action for the Children's Day! 08/06/2018

On June 8, 2019, employees of the Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN visited the Republican Specialized Center for Rehabilitation of Children and Family in the city of Tokmok.

The children were given toys and sweets. In addition, they brought clothes, essential products and much more!

Our employees managed not only to pay attention to each child, but also talk to him and play.

We thank our colleagues for their responsiveness and willingness to always help!



Charitable event dedicated to World Savings Week! 26/03/2019 

Last week, the KYRGYZSTAN Commercial Bank provided kids from low-income families with the opportunity to try on future professions. More than 20 children walked around the "City of Professions" and, perhaps, for the first time tried to answer the question: "What to become?" 

The action was timed to coincide with the Global Money Week. It is an annual international educational event to improve financial literacy among young people. And we are pleased to contribute to this campaign to help young people learn more about how to save money, what are the ways to generate income, learn to make the right financial decisions and much more.

The children spent their time not only with pleasure, but also with benefit. Now they know why it is safer to keep money in the bank and not in your pocket, how a deposit differs from a loan, etc.

We are happy to share our impressions and good emotions with you!



Chess tournament in honor of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities! 28.11.2018 – 30.11.2018 

From 28 to 30 November 2018, the chess championship of the Kyrgyz Republic among children with disabilities was held, organized by the Chess Federation in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. 

The tournament is dedicated to the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3).

"Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN" sponsored this event, because it is very important to support the children so that they can fully reveal their talents and become full-value members of society.

The goal of the event is to humanize society and draw attention to the problems of integration and self-realization of children with disabilities.

52 children took part in the competition.

We sincerely congratulate all participants and winners!




Charitable action for the Children's Day! 09.06.2018

On June 9, 2018, employees of the Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN and our partners Namba Food together visited the Belovodsk children's neuropsychiatric social inpatient institution and the Belovodsk preschool orphanage.

We brought sweets, fruits, toys, stationery and much more to the kids!

There is never too much attention, children are always very glad to guests.

We thank our colleagues for their responsiveness and willingness to always help.




"Center for Rehabilitation and Prevention of Youth" 05.06.2018

In honor of the Children's Day, a holiday for 44 pupils of the Youth Rehabilitation and Prevention Center was organized by the graduates of the Leadership School project of the Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN and the employees of the Alamedin Branch, inviting the children to the ASIA MALL entertainment center.

The kids had fun on the playgrounds, while their older friends watched the cartoon in 3D.

Many thanks to all the guys who organized such a wonderful holiday for children. May every child have a happy childhood!




Charity event dedicated to the Victory Day! 03.05.2018

According to the established tradition, on the eve of the Great Victory holiday, on May 3, 2018, Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN OJSC invited the veterans of the Great Patriotic War to a gala dinner, and our employees visited those who could not come.

It is impossible not to admire the fortitude and fortitude of our dear Veterans.

The main wish from their lips to the younger generation is peace and tranquility!




Ak-Suu orphanage! 31.12.2017 year. 

Each of us creates a New Year mood by himself and is able to fulfill someone's cherished desire!

On December 31, 2017, our colleagues visited the Ak-Suu orphanage to wish the children a Happy New Year and present gifts from Father Frost that our employees prepared for them.

The children were very pleased and pleasantly surprised that they received exactly what they ordered in their drawings and letters to Santa Claus.

We are happy that we gave joy!


Help to the injured residents of the village. Ayuu Uz gene district! 06.05.2017 

On May 4, representatives of OJSC "Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN" came to the village to express the words of condolences, sympathy and sorrow, and to provide assistance in the form of food and basic necessities. Ayuu Uzgen district. 

At the scene of the incident, a headquarters was created at the head of the head of ayil okmotu and other representatives of local authorities. Condolences and support were expressed on behalf of the Bank's management and staff, and all purchased food products were handed over.

This misfortune united us all, no one can remain indifferent, it is necessary to support each other in this common misfortune.


Voenno-Antonovka’s orphanage! 12.07.2013

   Huge role in the development of social policy of "Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN" is given to social responsibility of bank employees who regularly participate in charity projects for children's homes. So, within 2 months were collected items, toys, stationery for pupils of orphanage, located in the village Voenno-Antonovka. At the orphanage, there are 98 pupils.

A July 12, all collected gifts were handed over to the kids of this orphanage.


Children's Day ! 31.05.2013

     In anticipation of the International Children's Day "Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN" OJSC together with its airline partners "Kyrgyzstan" and insurance companies "KYRGYZSTAN" have visited school in the village of Petrovka. School pupils organized a gala concert and exhibition of national products, which the kids did with their own hands and we have prepared a variety of gifts.

    Furthermore, in this day, employees of "Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN" visited the Center for Social Adaptation of underprivileged children, located in Bishkek to convey gifts and congratulate on the holiday.


Marathon of National Oncology Center . 30.05.2013

     May 30 "Commercial bank KYRGYZSTAN" OJSC took part in a charity marathon of National Oncology Center. The purpose of the marathon is to raise funds to repair the children's ward of onco-hematology. Among the many institutions, the Bank also transferred funds to the general fund for a project to repair a center.


Charity event on the Great Victory day! 08.05.2013

      According to the established tradition for many years, in anticipation of the celebration of the Victory day, our Bank congratulated the veterans of the World War II. Our veterans were invited to dinner, where they could share their memories about their experiences about the hard times and joy at the same time and a well-deserved high price of victory.