Any of your desires and goals are worthy of attention!

To achieve your goals, we provide loans on favorable terms. If you need to get a loan as quickly as possible and in any amount, then you certainly need to go to our bank.

We are flexible for each client and every client is very important for us!

In our product line, there are loans as following:

  • loans for business development;
  • loans for the purchase of vehicles;
  • loans for development of agricultural business. 

Tariffs for Issuing loans individ (07.12.2020)


For large corporate clients and clients who use several products of the Bank (accounting and cash service, salary projects, etc.), the Bank can provide individual rates for obtaining a loan. The criteria for applying individual (discounted) interest rates are:

  • turnover of the client for settlement and cash service;
  • strategic client, participant of large salary projects of the bank;
  • purchase of mortgaged property, accepted on the bank's balance sheet, listed on the bank's balance sheet for a long period of time, as well as in case of exceeding the fair value over the market value;
  • and other objective reasons, including retention of a client with a positive credit history in the bank.

The final decision on the application of individual (discounted) interest rates is taken by the Bank's committee.