Transfers from Russia to MBANK - by phone number

Do you need to send money to friends, family and loved ones in Kyrgyzstan? You do not know how to transfer money to your homeland and are looking for the easiest and most reliable way to transfer money?

Only for our compatriots living and working in Russia, we have created a convenient service, simplifying the process of transferring and receiving funds as much as possible.

Get even closer to your family and friends in Kyrgyzstan by sending instant transfers from Russia to MBANK by phone number! There is no need to fill in extra fields, remember long card numbers and other information.

You can send a money transfer to your homeland in a couple of clicks through SBERBANK, TINKOFF, QIWI and other partners of KYRGYZSTAN Bank, knowing only the recipient's phone number, to which he has MBANK connected. The transfer is available at any time of the day and comes instantly, and the money is credited automatically to any card from our bank.


"Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN" is the first bank in the CIS countries to connect to the Sberbank transfer ecosystem.

Now you can send transfers from Russia to Kyrgyzstan in 30 seconds, through the mobile application "Sberbank Online" to MBANK by phone number!



Free money transfers from Tinkoff to MBANK up to 20 000 rubles per month.

You can send money through the mobile application of Tinkoff Bank towards an MBank user only if you know the recipient's phone number in the format 996***.


Another opportunity to transfer money from Russia to Kyrgyzstan!

Replenish your MBANK (card) through your wallet and Qiwi terminals absolutely free of charge.