Deposit - Nakopitelnyi

If there is a specific goal, saving money is more effective!

Have you been wanting a new phone for a long time, but the money is not flowing noticeably??

Fixed-term deposit "Nakopitelnyi" is a very convenient accumulation tool, you can deposit any amount at any convenient time!


  • Two accounts are issued, one "on demand", the other - "accumulative".
  • You can replenish the savings account, but you cannot withdraw funds, and the accrued interest at the end of each month is transferred to the “on demand” account, you can carry out settlement and cash services.
  • Customer is given an Elkart or VISA card FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Maximum amount of the deposit on the "accumulative" account is 50 000 KGS, 50 000 USD, 50 000 EUR.
  • Interest is charged monthly.
  • The term of the deposit is 12 months.



Interest rates

  In som In US Dollars In Euro
12 months 10% 0.01% 0.01%

Upon expiration of the contract, subject to consent of the client, the period is automatically extended for the same period under the same conditions. The number of prolongations is not limited. This type of deposit makes it possible to implement long-term savings for people who want to get maximum income on the higher interest rates, retirees, parents who wish to make deposits in the interests of their children, in addition, the possibility of using interest through the payment card.

*The Bank reserves the right, in agreement with the client, to set individual commissions and interest rates for clients different from those indicated above, depending on the volume of transactions on the account /s and depending on other factors, such as, for example, changes in market conditions, in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic