Replenish Elcart cards of any banks of the KR through MBank Online

27 July 2020

Dear customers!

It is easy and simple to top up Elcart cards with MBank Online!

You can replenish the Elcart card by the card number (16 digits on the front side)

How to transfer money to Elcart through "MBank Online"?

  1. Go to the section "Pay" - "Regular payments"
  2. Select "Replenish by card number"
  3. Select "Recharge cards Elcart"
  4. Enter card number and amount
  5. Check the data and confirm the payment, the receipt can be saved or sent to any messenger, mail.

Commission 1%, the amount of 1 transaction up to 150 000 soms.

* Service available only for identified customers of our Bank with the card and connected to the MBank Online service.


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