The service "SMS-notification" is an information service provided by the bank owners of bank accounts (including current accounts, credit accounts, Visa card account and the Zolotaya Korona), to provide information on the initiative of the bank or on the events of the client's account.

We propose to use this service to inform the customer of advertising messages and information measures.

The advertising notification – information of advertizing or information nature sent at the initiative of bank to clients. information about new goods and services, discounts and shares, changes of terms of service.

SMS alert of such nature are sent only to individuals who agree to receive such SMS alerts. Such consent must be received in the commitment form.

Transactional notification - information of all movements on the client's account. It is also a safety feature,at unauthorized transactions from the client, the client learns about this through sms.

The SMS notification system of our bank allows to serve all customer accounts, and also to send SMS notification to all telecom operators of the Kyrgyz Republic of the GSM standard (Beeline, Megacom,”O”).

Sms notification is carried out on the basis of the separate contract with the client (including the individual) at additional expense. (see. Tariffs). The contract can be signed into one account, or into some customer accounts.

In the presence of need for receipt of service for several numbers of the mobile phone the client must be sign the separate agreement of rendering the service “SMS notification”. Besides, the client at his desire can receive information on the accounts specified in the agreement in addition the e-mail address.

For holders of the Visa Gold cards from JSC KYRGYZSTAN Commercial Bank this service is provided absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!

To all credit clients of SMS notification about date and a repayment KGS will be sent FREE OF CHARGE. SMS - the notification of transactional nature on the credit customer account is provided based on the agreement and on general terms according to bank rates.

Rates for the service “SMS-notification”


Types of service

  In national currency

SMS-notification for physical persons

   45 KGS/month

SMS-notification for legal entities

   70 KGS/month