Online applications for: credit, overdraft and savings deposit

30 November 2020

We are expanding the list of services that you can get online - WITHOUT a visit to the Bank, WITHOUT signing documents, so that service becomes even easier and faster!

Update your MBank Online to the latest version:

IOS  3.0.6

Android  2.8.7 


What services are available online through MBank online?

Conditions of "Online loan": 

  • Consideration: within 24 hours from the date of receipt of the online application
  • Loan amount: from 2,000 soms to 15,000 soms
  • Loan term: from 1 month to 12 months

Online overdraft conditions:

  • The minimum overdraft limit is 2000 soms;
  • The maximum overdraft limit is 15,000 soms, but no more than 2 salaries;
  • Period of automatic limit reduction - 180 days or 360 days (at the client's choice);
  • Term - 12 months with automatic renewal

  • Easy to open online and the first installment is only 1,000 KGS
  • You can replenish with any free amount at least 1 som and at any time (analogue of a PIGGER, you can throw off all the small change there and so it is not noticeable for yourself to collect a good amount)
  • Excellent protection against impulse purchases! The deposit can be replenished at any time, but in order to withdraw or transfer to another account, you need to make efforts - and terminate the deposit at the bank branch, i.e. break the piggy bank
  • Nice bonus% on the balance:

           - from 2% to 9.5% per annum in Soms

           - up to 1.5% per annum in $

           - up to 5.25% per annum in rubles

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