Credit line

Credit line - is intended for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities operating in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic and having small and / or medium business in the following areas: trade, production, construction, provision of services, agriculture and other spheres.

A credit line is a banking service, the essence of which is the opening by a bank of a customer of a credit line within a certain amount and term, clearly established by the Agreement on opening a credit line.

Credit line

  • Description of the credit line: the borrower has the right to choose and return credit funds in the form of tranches according to the needs of his business within the overall limit of the credit line.
  • The amount of the credit line: from 200 000 KGS and above, from 4 000 US dollars / euro and above.
  • The term of the credit line: from 6 to 36 months.
  • Interest rates: in soms KR from 21% -26%, in US dollars / euros from 15% -20%
  • Security: real estate, movable property, deposit, surety.
  • Insurance: by decision of the Bank.
  • Obligatory condition: availability of business.
  • No comission

        * The effective interest rate is KGS: 23,5%-29,8%, USD / EUR: 16,3%-22,3%

* Dear clients, if you encounter illegal actions or unreasonable requests from the Bank's employees when reviewing applications or issuing loans, we ask you to report such cases to the Bank's Contact Center at 0 312 61-33-33 or WhatsApp +996 770 33 -33-69.

All such cases will be considered personally by the Bank's management.

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