Get transfers to a Visa card from Bank KYRGYZSTAN and win a laptop!

9 August 2021

Transfers to a Visa card - fast and convenient!

And now it's also profitable!

Just пуе transfers from $50 to your Visa card from KYRGYZSTAN bank and win a Lenovo Ideapad laptop!


  • The prize is taken by the one who received the largest number of transfers from other countries from $50 by card number.
  • If several participants have the same number of transfers, the winner is determined by the highest total amount of transfers.

! Action period 29.07.2021-29.10.2021

  • International transfers from any country of the world, except for internal transfers within the Kyrgyz Republic, participate in the promotion.
  • The action is attended by adult citizens and residents of the Kyrgyz Republic.

At the end of each month (August, September and October) until the 5th day of the next, we will identify the most active recipient of transfers to a Visa card and give Lenovo Ideapad!

If you still don't have a Visa card, order it HERE and now!

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