Pick your apple! Earn and get prizes for inviting friends to MBANK!

5 April 2022

Commercial Bank KYRGYZSTAN is launching the "Pick an APPLE" special offer for all MBANK users again in the period from 05.04.2022 to 30.06.2022!

Share your link, call your friends and family in whatever city of Kyrgyzstan or Russia they are and pick your apple!

The more participants you invite to MBANK, the more bonuses you will earn!


  • Not only citizens of Kyrgyzstan can participate in the special offer, but also our migrants in the territory of the Russian Federation.
  • A prerequisite for all participants: a passport of a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic.


1. Invite new members using your referral link.

 Send your referral link for registration in MBANK to your relatives, friends, colleagues, acquaintances! The more participants register using your invitation link, the more bonuses you will receive! Everything is easy and simple!

2. We will pay both you and a friend!

Each participant (you and your friend) who has registered with MBANK receives a bonus of 50 soms!

3. Increase your income and pick an apple!

You can unlimited register new members in MBANK and get your bonuses and gifts for it:

  • Every month during the promotion period (from 05.04.2022 to 30.06.2022), 3 top participants who invited the largest number of users to MBANK will be identified. They will be awarded incentive prizes from the Bank:

I-place iPhone 13 – will receive the 1st top participant who attracted the largest number of users.

II-place Apple Watch 7 - will receive the 2nd top participant.

III-place Air Pods 3 - will receive the 3rd top participant.

But that's not all!

During the 1st month of the promotion, we will daily identify some of the most active participants who have registered the largest number of users in MBANK! We will give these lucky ones an additional cash bonus in the amount of 2,000 (two thousand) soms!



1. Download MBANK via:


2. After that, open the application and click on the "Register" button

3. Go through remote identification. Detailed instructions HERE

4. After logging in to MBANK, go to the "Services" section and select "Pick an APPLE"

5. The application will generate a personal referral link. The link must be sent via the corresponding "Share" button to your family, friends and acquaintances via any messenger.

6. To get the first bonus, recipients need to follow your link, install the MBANK application and go through remote identification.

7. Voila! You and your friend will receive your first bonus of 50 soms.


Terms and conditions of the "PICK AN APPLE"

* The Bank reserves the right at any time at its discretion to make changes to the Rules of the Promotion. Also publishes information on the extension, termination or amendments to the Rules of the Promotion on the Website and in the official information channels of the Bank. Changes to the terms of the promotion are posted on the Site and come into effect after 10 calendar days from the date of placement.

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