Rent safe-box at a perfect price!

8 January 2020

Sign a lease on the safe deposit box in the period from 08.01.2020 to 31.12.2020 and get a discount of 50% of the base rate for the entire period of the lease contract!

Dates of Promotions on 08/01/20 - 31/12/20 (inclusive)

Bank branch, where the safe storage:

  • Bank's head office - Bishkek, T.Moldo 54a str. (opposite the stadium "Spartak)
  • Pervomajskij branch - Bishkek, blvd. Erkindik 59 (in front of the Ministry of Finance)
  • Osh Main Directorate - Osh,Kurmanjan Datca 119 Str.
  • Jalal-Abad Home Directorate - Jalal-Abad,  Erkindik 13a str.

Tariffs for the duration of the action:



The fee for rental of safe deposit box


Term of lease

Small safe-box

30х235х335 (m)

55х235х335 (m)

Average size safe-box

80х235х335 (m)

155х235х335 (m)

large safe-box

280х235х335 (m)



Новый тариф


Новый тариф


Новый тариф

up to 90 days

15 soms per day

7 soms per day

20 soms per day

10 soms per day

25 soms per day

12 soms per day

over 90 days

11 soms per day

5 soms per day

17 soms per day

8 soms per day

21 soms per day

 10 soms per day

security deposit*

1000 soms


* The amount of the security deposit will be returned after the expiration of the contract or early termination under the terms of the safe deposit box rental agreement

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